Genexine is a growing global biotechnology company, and operates on the management principle of “TIPS”


Introduction of Genexine CI

Logo Framework
The Genexine logo consists of the brand name.
Minimum Size
The Genexine logo must appear in the specified proportions. The Genexine logo should not be reproduced smaller than the minimum recommended size of 0.5” H x 1.5” W for printing materials.
Corporate Colors
Consistent use of color across all media is essential to the integrity of the Genexine identity. Below are the approved color variations for print (CMYK) and web (RGB) formats. Note that no other color specifications should be utilized. The Genexine logo may be used on any medium with a white background.
  • Full Color
  • White Background
Print : CMYK
C=100 M=25 Y=0 K=50
Web/Screen (includes powerpointer):RGB
R=0 G=85 B=129
Print : CMYK
C=0 M=100 Y=79 K=20
Web/Screen (includes powerpointer):RGB
R=196 G=18 B=48
Acceptable Logo
The following examples demonstrate a broad range of background applications.
  • Grayscale | White Background
  • Black | White Background
  • White | Black Background
Incorrect Use
The functional and aesthetic aspect of the logo has been established. Altering the Genexine colors or proportions fractionalize the brand identity and reduce brand recognition.
  • Logo too small
  • Do not use the logo
    on a dark background
  • Do not intrude on
    the visual space of the logo
  • Insufficient background contrast