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Press Release

Genexine presents cervical cancer DNA vaccine GX-188E and kytruda combined clinical results at Plenary session of the AACR in April

Genexine at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Meeting, which will be held online from April 27th, is invited to present the interim result of the clinical trial of a combination of cervical cancer DNA vaccine GX-188E and Merck's immune anticancer drug, kytruda® (pembrolizumab) at the Plenary session. In this online meeting, only the proposed paper or invited content should be published, and this seems to be recognized that Genexine has excellent treatment result for the patients with end-stage cervical cancer.

As the GX-188E achieved all of the first targeted criteria for objective response response (Phase 1: at least 3 out of 15 treatment response goals, and Stage 2: at least 8 out of 28 treatment response objectives) in late 2019 , Phase II clinical trials are currently underway for patients with end-cervical cancer by expanding clinical trials, and Genexine plans to submit conditional approval data in the second half of 2021.

Young chul Sung, CEO of Genexine, said, “The combination therapy with DNA vaccine GX-188E has been significantly shown improved efficacy in patients with end-stage cervical cancer who have already received anti-cancer drugs and radiation therapy. It is expected to provide effective treatment opportunities for patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer who no longer have adequate treatments.”

AACR will hold the conference in August after the online meeting in the end of April, and the results announced in April can be presented again at the conference in August, so Genexine plans to release it additionally in August.