hyFc® Platform

hyFc® platform is our own proprietary technology designed to drive
the discovery of a wide range of differentiated agonistic protein therapeutics.

Based on one of leading long-acting technologies, hyFc® is designed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional IgG1 immunoglobulin-based Fc fusion proteins such as inflexible hinge which limits applicability and side-effects due to antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC).hyFc® is derived from non-cytosolic immunoglobulin IgD and IgG4 without site-directed mutagenesis. This gives flexible hinge that minimizes the loss of bioactivity of drug candidate and prevents adverse immunogenicity and cleavage by enzymes. hyFc® thus has broad applicability, less side-effects and superior long-acting characteristics to the drug candidates.

hyFc® Structure

hyFc® is a platform technology constructed to produce long-acting Fc fusion proteins by hybridizing IgD and IgG4

Human Ig Isotypes lgG1 lgG4 lgD
Hinge flexibility ++ + ++++
Binding of FcyR of
phagocytes (ADCC)
++++ ++ -
Activation of C1q (CDC) ++ - -
Binding of FcRn ++++ ++++ -
In vivo serum
half-life (days)
21 21 3
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hyFc® Strengths

Genexine's hyFc® technology can be applied to a broad range of drug moieties including small peptides and proteolytic enzymes. Genexine has a number of highly differentiated hyFc-based product candidates at various stages of development in its pipeline. We also have a undisclosed partnerships on hyFc® product candidates with leading biopharmaceutical companies.

  • Efficacy & Safety

    Higher bioactivity,
    no mutation,
    and low immunogenic risk

  • Long Half-Life

    Longer half-life
    than glycosylated products

  • Broad Application

    Applicable to cytokines, hormones,
    small peptides and Fab antibody


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