Our main approaches to immunotherapy is therapeutic DNA vaccines

Therapeutic DNA Vaccine Technology: Immune Enhancing Technology

DNA therapeutic vaccine technology, a globally competitive platform technology, is one of Genexine’s core proprietary technologies. Therapeutic vaccine is prepared by introducing antigen gene and dendritic cell targeting gene into high-efficiency expression vector. When administered, it induces antigen-specific immune response and therefore works as ‘therapeutic vaccine’ against infectious diseases and cancer.

Genexine has a long experience in developing therapeutic vaccines since 1999 and continues to improve therapeutic vaccines by adopting DNA delivery technology (electroporation) to efficiently maximize target gene expression in human body. Our current DNA vaccine pipeline includes vaccines targeting human papilloma virus (HPV) type 16 and 18 associated cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) which eventually causes cervical cancer.

With Genexine’s experience and expertise, we will provide first-in-class DNA therapeutic vaccine and wish to resolve the unmet medical needs of patients who previously experienced unsatisfactory results with conventional treatments.

Key Advantages of DNA Vaccines

  • More rapid design
  • DNA can be rapidly isolated and cloned
  • Relatively inexpensive, reproducible, large-scale production
  • Proper protein folding for correct epitope expression
  • Unable to revert to a pathogenic form
    (unlike live-attenuated vaccines)
  • Good safety record in human studies
  • Ease in improving or adapting plasmid sequence
  • Multiple vaccines can be given in one injection
  • Ease in formulating with adjuvants
Immune Responses
  • Ability to induce both humoral and cellular responses
  • Highly stable and no cold chain required

How Our DNA Vaccines Work


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