R&D Center where dreams of new drug developement come ture

Facilities and environment where global companies can grow and develop innovatively


A reserach environment facility that can be operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We are proud to have high level research facilities and personnel for synthesizing the proteins and genes required for novel drug development. We continue to make improvements to our research and work environments, keeping lights on for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and making sure we have the best office space and infrastructure for efficient operation of the R&D and business/support departments.

Reserch facility

It provides an experimental space and equipment for all teams in the laboratory to work autonomously, We are strengthening the safety capabilities of the institute through the certification system for excellent safety management labs

Working environment

We provide various types of smart offices so that employees can increase their work efficiency and have a pleasant meeting room environment where they can communicate and work at any time.


In order to become a company that wants to work and a company that wants to stay, we operate a café for employees, provide a resting space, and take responsibility for a healthy life by supporting sports facilities.

Magok R&D Center (planned)

New steps for creating values

Genexine is pursuing a “New company building and R&D center” construction project to enhance its novel drug development facilities. The new building and R&D center will be located in Magok Industrial Complex (Gangseo-gu, Seoul) and will have a total floor space of approximately 39,075 m² (3 underground and 9 above-ground floors). The construction is expected to begin in November 2021, which will involve a consortium led by Genexine. We are planning to build a future-oriented research facility, based on an open lab setting and working environment that maximizes collaboration between members. We expect to realize sustainable corporate advancement through active exchange between consortium members. We also hope to contribute to the rejuvenation of the biotechnology industry in South Korea through synergy and collaboration between biotech clusters located in the Magok Industrial Complex, which is expected to be an important framework for driving the growth of Genexine.

Aerial view of Magok R&D Center
  • Various cultural events and outdoor spaces where employees can relax
  • Seminar room that looks like a central staircase that can communicate
  • Versatile library for viewing various books, papers, videos, etc
  • Comfortable and trendy staff cafeteria