Genexine is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative immunotherapeutics and next generation novel long-acting biologics. Our goal is to bring to patients medicines that will transform their lives.

Innovative hyFc® Technology for Long-Acting Therapeutics

hyFc® technology is Genexine's proprietary platform designed to drive the discovery of a wide range of differentiated protein therapeutics

Efficacy & Safety

Higher bioactivity,
no mutation,
and low immunogenic risk

Long Half-Life

Longer half-life
than glycosylated products

Broad Application

Applicable to cytokines,
hormones, small peptides
and Fab antibody

Broad range of drug moiety
Wide & flexible hinge
Unexposed junction site
No Fc-binding site for phagocytes (no ADCC)
No binding site for complement C1q (no CDC)
FcRn-mediated recycling

Novel Long-Acting Recombinant
Human Growth Hormone

GX-H9 is an innovative, long-acting recombinant human growth hormone utilizing the novel half-life extension technology, hyFc® technology. GX-H9 is being clinically developed for the treatment of pediatric and adult growth hormone deficiencies and other indications.