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Genexine to supply 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Indonesia

Aug 11, 2021admin

Genexine to supply 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Indonesia

-Targeting emergency use authorization within 2021, supplying GX-19N to PT Kalbe Farma.


[2021/04/27] Genexine announced signing of pre-order contract with Indonesian pharmaceutical company PT Kalbe Farma for initial 10 million doses of DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine candidate, GX-19N.

Based on the agreement, PT Kalbe Farma will purchase 10 million doses and pay additional loyalty out of the total sales. Both companies agreed to share phase 2/3 clinical development cost instead of upfront signing fee.

In March, the two companies entered into a collaboration and submitted phase 2/3 clinical trial IND to BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan) in order to get emergency use authorization at Indonesia as early as possible. The initial supply of the vaccines will be from production facilities in Korea.

Despite of recent severe adverse case reports such as blood clotting after COVID-19 vaccination, Genexine’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate GX-19N is DNA based vaccine which has been known for high safety without systemic adverse events from clinical studies (ph1 90 & ph2a 150). Additionally, GX-19N is designed to protect against COVID-19 variants by adding nucleocapsid proteins which has highly conserved sequence on top of traditional spike proteins as antigen.

Dr. Woo, CEO of Genexine, commented “We were able to make commitment to Indonesia for the co-development and pre-order agreement based on the efficacy and safety of GX-19N.”

Currently, Genexine’s COVID-19 vaccine development plan is moving on as scheduled. They are conducting phase 2a study for 150 healthy volunteers in Korea starting from February 26th.