ESG Genexine's today makes a sustainable tomorrow


GENEXINE has a duty toward its patients and its shareholders and aims to support both these stakeholder groups with a high level of integrity, strong corporate governance and strong work ethic. Through these efforts, Genexine aspires to improve the lives of patients and drive significant shareholder value and growth.


Our goal is to improve customer value through innovative clinical development. We aim to build strong partnerships based on mutual respect and open and transparent dialogue. Sales companies must disclose bona fide salespersons and comply with the Fair Trade Questionnaire.


We aim to provide investors with accurate and timely information in a manner that meets all regulatory disclosure guidelines, such that they can make informed decisions. We aim to adhere to all international and country-specific standards and regulations to factually and legally disclose all appropriate information.


The company respects individual dignity and diversity and provides opportunities for fair competition to create a culture and environment of mutual respect and support for all employees. We do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, religion, place of origin, disability, marital status, etc. and aim to establish a corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding.


Genexine fulfills its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen by complying with international standards, international agreements, national policies, and laws. We respect the tradition and culture of the local community and do our best for shared prosperity and development with the local community.

Transaction Principles

Comply with sound and fair trade order.

  1. 01All transactions should be made fairly and on an equal footing based on mutual respect and trust.
  2. 02We do not make any form of compensation or unreasonable demands by using our superior position.
  3. 03We do not do business with companies that engage in illegal activities such as tax evasion, accounting fraud, and environmental pollution. We do not engage in or cooperate with illegal, false, or irregular transactions.


Do not engage in unjust actions related to work.

  1. 01In all business activities, public and private are strictly separated.
  2. 02Based on a sense of ownership, judge and decide from the company's point of view.
  3. 03In the event of a conflict of interest between the company and the individual, the company's legitimate interests are given priority.
  4. 04We work fairly and transparently based on the spirit of compliance.
  5. 05We do not lend money or solicitation that may hinder legitimate business performance with stakeholders.
  6. 06In principle, we do not provide or receive any money or valuables except souvenirs and gifts of average level.
  7. 07Congratulatory and condolatory events are not notified to stakeholders who may affect work, and congratulatory. Condolatory money should be at most the usual level following social customs according to the purpose of mutual aid.


  1. 01Establish a budget according to the company's conditions and circumstances and execute the budget reasonably and transparently efficiently.
  2. 02Do not use the company's equipment and facilities for purposes not directly related to the company's business.
  3. 03Protect and respect the intellectual property of the company and others.


Protect company information.

  1. 01Do not use crucial internal information of the company to make unfair profits for yourself or others.
  2. 02Company's non-public or essential information must be thoroughly protected, and information distortion or false information must not be disseminated.


Create an organizational culture of mutual trust and respect.

  1. 01We do not engage in verbal, physical, or visual actions that are offensive to others, respect the privacy of others, and do not slander or slander others.
  2. 02Superiors do not give unreasonable instructions to subordinates to perform tasks that violate company regulations and processes or are unrelated to the company and work.
  3. 03Eliminate barriers between organizations and create an atmosphere of cooperation.
  4. 04In facing difficulties, try to overcome the crisis with positive thoughts and attitude.


  1. 01Comply with international standards, domestic laws, and internal regulations related to the safety and health of employees.
  2. 02Make it a habit to observe the cleanliness and safety rules of the workplace and take appropriate measures immediately upon discovering the company's risk factors.


As a member of society, set an example and maintain the dignity of a Genexian.

  1. 01Do not act to damage the dignity of Genexine and Genexian.
  2. 02Do not engage in activities that benefit social organizations by using the company's position.
  3. 03Respect individual suffrage and political expression of opinion, but do not engage in any political activities that harm the organizational atmosphere within the company.
  4. 04Actively participate in volunteer activities as a model member of society.
  5. 05Each executive and employee fulfill their responsibilities and obligations as a local community member and strives to increase the local community's trust in the company.


  1. 01Everyone should faithfully abide by the Code of Ethics as the standard for behavior and value judgment.
  2. 02If you find out that your or someone else's behavior violates the Code of Ethics, you must notify the head of your department.
  3. 03The company must protect the person who notified the above fact and not give any disadvantage.
  4. 04For the efficient operation of the Code of Ethics, additional standards may be established if necessary.


This practice guideline is intended to guide the ethical scope and behavior of executives and employees to practice transparent and ethical management of Genexine.


Corporate cards can be used as needed for company business, but in the following cases, the use is prohibited in principle.

  1. ① When used to entertain or entertain the company's stakeholders.
    However, exceptions are allowed for simple meals related to meetings with outsiders.
  1. ② In case of using for personal gain
  2. ③ In the point where it is generally judged that the use is unnecessary even though it is intended for the company's business activities
  3. ④ When used for group dinners, welcome parties, farewell parties, etc.


  1. ① Meal expenses may be subsidized as meeting expenses to " create value” for executives and employees within the company.
  2. ② Meal expenses are used only within the range that is usually acceptable.


  1. ① We do not give or receive entertainment, money, or valuables.
    However, as necessary to achieve the purpose of “value creation,“ simple meals within the scope of not violating various laws such as the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act are exceptions.
  1. ② During holidays, it is possible to give a general level of gift according to the purpose of mutual aid. (Recommended within 100,000 won)


  1. ① Stakeholders should not be provided with conveniences such as transportation and lodging facilities that impose a financial burden on them.
    However, conveniences generally provided to all attendees at events hosted by interested parties are excluded.


  1. ① It is prohibited to notify stakeholders or third parties about congratulations and condolences that have occurred to oneself or colleagues.
  2. ② In case of receiving congratulatory or condolatory money from interested parties, it must be returned in full if it is received over 100,000 won.
  3. ③ In case of unavoidable congratulatory or condolence money to business stakeholders such as customers, it shall not exceed \100,000.


  1. ① Members must respect each other and respect each other among colleagues and superiors and maintain basic etiquette necessary for work life and dignity as a Genexian.
  2. ② You must not engage in sexual harassment that can infringe on individual human rights and impede the working atmosphere. You must notify us immediately through the company's reporting channel.


  1. ① It shall not be conducted financial transactions such as money lending, loan guarantee, and real estate rental with stakeholders.


  1. ① Don't receive donations from stakeholders for events supported by the company, such as departmental events or club activities.
  2. ② Receiving conveniences such as vehicles, venues, and services necessary for the event is also regarded as receiving donations of money and valuables.


  1. ① Intellectual property and confidential information within the company shall not be leaked outside without appropriate prior permission or procedures.
  2. ② Information acquired during business activities is recorded and reported based on facts and stored and managed as intellectual property of the company.
  3. ③ It is a rule to use a corporate card when executing expenses, and it must be used for the budget and the standards the law sets.
  4. ④ Recognize that the primary responsibility for personal information leakage lies with the employee concerned and do his best to comply with laws and regulations related to information protection.


  1. ① The head of the department should conduct education and counseling from time to time so that employees can fully understand this guideline.
  2. ② The head of the department must take appropriate preventive measures to prevent employees from violating these guidelines.


  1. ① When employees become aware of violating these Guidelines, they shall report it to the internal reporting channel in the fastest and most convenient way.
  2. ② If the person violates these guidelines, they must report it to the head within three days, and the manager must report it to the internal reporting channel within two days.
  3. ③ Fact-checking for matters reported through the internal reporting channel can be done if necessary, and relevant executives and employees must actively cooperate.
  4. ④ Employees must not infringe on the reporter or reporter or divulge the reporter's identity.
  5. ⑤ If there is a concern that the reporter and the reporter may be disadvantaged in terms of personnel management, personnel measures such as position change will be taken according to the person's wishes.
  6. ⑥ Employees must keep the secret even if they know about the report in their duties or by chance, and if they disclose it, they may be subject to disciplinary action.


  1. ① The company may reward or reward appropriate compensation under relevant regulations to executives and employees who have contributed to the achievement of the purpose of these guidelines.
  2. ② The company will severely reprimand employees who violate these guidelines under relevant regulations.