ESG Genexine's today makes a sustainable tomorrow

Genexine has established a Hotline through which corporate stakeholders, such as executives and employees of Genexine, affiliates, and shareholders, may report any fraudulent or malicious activities perceived or real, or contribute suggestions or ideas to improve certain practices or policies.
An full-time in-house auditor operates the hotline and ensures that the utmost of confidentiality is maintained at all times to safeguarding the informant's anonymity protecting the informant form any repercussions.
Any audit or investigation is operated independently to the organization and the auditor will faithfully investigate all matters and ensure they are managed appropriately with anonymity and safety being top priorities.

Hyeon-cheol Jun

Hotline manager, Auditor

E-mail for reporting

Your active participation is the foundation for developing the company into a more transparent and clean ethical company. The hotline always listens to your valuable opinions and promises to protect informants thoroughly, including confidentiality and identity protection, disadvantages in personnel management, and prohibition of discrimination in working conditions.

Examples of report items